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Assorted Pastries at Mesteer Market

Assorted Pastries at Mesteer Market Confused looking pastries to complement your holiday or for other purposes? You do not have to worry about trying to go to this one place that is on the Mesteer market, Jatinegara. Not just selling a variety of goods wholesalers, regional market this one provides nearly all the items you are looking for and on sale hereincluding cookies. At almost religious holidays such as Eid and Christmas arrives this place will be overrun by people especially housewives to simply complete the feast day with pastries. Indeed Idul Fitri such as this, pastries become one of the most hunted snacks. Tiny cakes are crisp and beautiful this is usually served to welcome guests. In this place cookies sold at a price appropriate quality. If you want affordable, the average price of Rp 40.000-65.000/kg. If you want a more comfortable with the material quality, the price is Rp 80.000-125.000/kg.

Nastar cheese cake and chocolate peanut, for example, is sold at Rp 90.000/kg. That which is one reason many people choose a location like this Mesteer market. Just imagine if you bought cookies at the mall or supermarket often drain will drain bag. Price per jar can be increased to two times as much more a kind of cake. Though the quality and taste almost the same as those peddling in these markets. Besides pastries and sweets are also many snacks and sweets are sold here include Cashew nuts are sold at Rp 125.000/kg. Thai peanut, spicy peanuts and fragrant lime leaves is cheaper, at $ 45.000/kg. Concerning the price, the average price of the cake just right, but if you buy in bulk will get a piece of it is also not much. If you are looking for ingredients for the cake you can also get here because this place is pretty complete ingredients for the cake and other raw materials such as crackers, butter, flour, peanut butter, nuts, chocolate. All of these materials category or you can purchase bulk per kilo or per ounce. Advice to those of you who are planning to purchase in the market pie Mesteer, try to buy it all the way like 2 or 1 week before the feast because the closer the holiday is increasing as well in the selling price of the cake. For example, when Lebaran peak increases bake sale will take place around the second week of Ramadan since bought cake made ??souvenirs when going home. (Roy)

11 September 2012 - 17:37:58 WIB

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