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Wong Solo Barbecued Chicken

The word “wong” means “person” in Javanese, therefore, Ayam Bakar Wong Solo means a person from Solo’s barbecued chicken. The owner of this place is Puspo Wardoyo, a former teacher at SMAN Blabag, Muntilan, Central Java. He changed profession to a barbecued chicken seller since 1991, and as of 2006 there are 60 branches around Indonesia. What is sounique about this barbecued chicken? Wong Solo’s barbecued chicken is strongly tied to the Javanese preference of sweet food. Hence, their chicken is very sweet. There are four kinds of sambals that are offered in this restaurant; eggplant sambal (sambal terong) – the main sambal for the barbecued chicken, they also have sambal cabai rawit, sambal cabai merah, and of course, sambal kecap – which is sliced chilli padi with soy sauce. You can choose which sambal you want to use, because they are included when you order a barbecued chicken. Don’t worry about the price of the different sambals, you can choose any of them when you order a barbecued chicken as it is part of the combo set. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo restaurant uses a smart tagline, “Halalan Thayyiban” which is Javanese for “Halal and Good”. This means that their chicken is halal according to the Islamic belief, and good to consume. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo has received many awards, one of which is the Superbrands Indonesia Award in 2003/2004 for its branch at Jalan Gajah Mada No. 20 in Medan and at Jalan Raya Kali Malang Blok A2 8/9, Pondok Kelapa in Jakarta. If you’re looking for a branch in Jakarta, you can go to Jalan Lapangan Ros No. 29, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan or right next to the Warung Desa restaurant. You can also find a branch at Jalan Margonda Raya, Depok, Bintaro Sektor 7, and near Terminal Pinang Ranti, Jakarta Timur. After you taste the sweetness of the chicken, you won’t regret it. The price is also very reasonable, ranging from medium-low to medium-high. The place is also very big; it has an outdoor place where you sit on the floor, and also a table and chair style seating. You don’t have to worry about parking, bathroom, or musholla services as they are provided at the restaurant as well. The price is affordable, and the food is delicious. On top of that, the place is also very comfortable. What are you waiting for? Eat at Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, an Indonesian cuisine.....(Translater by Wilson)

09 Juni 2011 - 15:10:26 WIB

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