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Pak Kliwon's Barbecued Chicken

If you’re headed for Depok from Pasar Minggu, don’t miss Ayam Bakar Pak Kliwon restaurant (Pak Kliwon’s Barbecued Chicken restaurant). It is located between Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Publistik (IISP) and Lenteng Agung Station, in Jakarta Selatan. Judgingfrom the size of the place, it’s more of a mediocre restaurant as opposed to an exclusive and expensive restaurant. The concept presented by this restaurant appeals to the population as a whole. Its price, place, and dishes are economically and socially appropriate for everyone. However, if you compare the taste of the barbecued chicken with other restaurants that serve barbecued chicken, Pak Kliwon’s deserves two thumbs up. When I visited the restaurant, a lot of people came to order Pak Kliwon’s barbecued chicken to go. The name “kliwon” originated from the Javanese calendar, same as pashing, pon, wage, and legi. The owner of this restaurant is a native Javanese couple, and they started this restaurant when they were still in their native village. The price of one barbecued chicken is Rp. 9.000, one portion of steamed rice is Rp. 3.000, and drinks vary from Rp. 1.000 to Rp. 6.000. This chicken is special mostly because of its sambal (chilli paste). They serve two kinds of sambals, sambal cabai rawit (chilli pepper paste) and sambal cabai merah (red chilli paste). The sambal cabai rawit is obviously very hot, whereas the sambal cabai merah is sweet because of the brown sugar. Other than barbecued chicken, Pak Kliwon’s also serve bakso (meatballs), mie ayam (chicken noodles), duck, soybean cake, and catfish. So if you want to order something else, it won’t be a problem – they have a variety of dishes. The only downside is that they only open starting noon, so visitors have to be patient and wait. However, Ayam Bakar Pak Kliwon is still worth trying. (Translater by Wilson)

06 Juni 2011 - 14:18:35 WIB

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